Educational Wooden Puzzles

Medium size peg, raised piece or jigsaw puzzle. 

Educational wooden puzzles can be a great educational tool to help preschoolers learn shapes, colours, the basic alphabets and numbers. The advantage of using wooden puzzles to supplement the traditional lessons is that some children are spatial learners. They can better grasp facts when they have some object to move and correlate with their lessons. Visual learners can also benefit from the puzzles. By seeing the image go together, the information contained within it is better absorbed. They can make learning fun and help information to be better absorbed by children. The interesting shapes and process of putting puzzle pieces together, help develop important skills for later life. This way of learning is non-tiring and actually enjoyable for the children. They help children develop creativity and enhance certain inherent abilities. As they get older, they will be able to advance to more complicated puzzles promoting development of language and numeric skills.


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