In The Jungle

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300 pieces jigsaw puzzle (Artist Collection)

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Products: Quality-made jigsaw puzzles of international brand, new and sealed in its original packaging, comply with international safety standard for toys.

Product Details:

300-piece jigsaw puzzle of SURE-LOX family brand jigsaw puzzles. The picture is a reproduction of Yoshio Kanda artwork.

Puzzle size:73.03×48.58cm.

Frame it as an art after completing the puzzle!

Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzles:
Jigsaw puzzles help to develop several functions of the brain at once. Reasoning, deduction, analysis and logical thought are exercised in the completion of jigsaw puzzles, as well as hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and visual perception. Jigsaw puzzles are also fun to play with and children can learn about persistence and strategy while playing. If done in a group, they will learn about teamwork. Or it can be an activity of bonding with family members or between parent and child.