Wooden Puzzles are the best choice of puzzles for toddlers and preschoolers. Made of durable wooden board and painted with non-toxic ink. Designed to develop hand-eye coordination and pre-reading and pre-writing skills as well as for education.

The benefits of playing with wooden puzzles are immense. They help children develop the hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills needed for simple tasks like picking small objects with their thumb and index finger and more highly coordinated tasks like feeding themselves, turning pages in a book, grasping and moving a crayon to colour. Pegs, knobs and raised-piece form wooden puzzles are made especially to develop these skills.

Wooden puzzles also help preschoolers develop the strength and dexterity needed to perform self care tasks like brushing their teeth and fastening a button as well as problem solving and pre-reading skill. How is the latter so? When they play with jigsaw puzzles, they use the part of the brain function of reasoning, deduction, analysis and logical thought to distinguish the varying shapes of the puzzle pieces and match them to the correct slot or fit to complete the puzzle. The ability to differentiate shapes is similar to reading which is about recognising the small differences of written words.

Wooden puzzles can also supplement traditional lessons. Alphabets, numbers and shapes wooden puzzles are made for this purpose. Children who are visual-spatial learners benefit from them as they can correlate the image with the information, like a picture of an apple with the word, “apple”. So do kinesthetic learners who learn by carrying out the physical activity with their hands. Special needs children will find wooden puzzles vibrant colours therapeutic. 

Features of Wooden Puzzles:

They come in different sizes from medium to  large, in interesting themes and additional features such as pegs, raised puzzles, pictures under pieces and jigsaw puzzles. Each puzzle is creatively designed with vibrant images or pictures to appeal children attention. The picture is screen painted with bright colour non-toxic ink to create an everlasting puzzle. Hence they are safe for children 3 to 6 years old, and complied to international safety standard of toys like EN 71 & ASTM.  For toddlers 2+, please supervise your child when they play with puzzles. 

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